Sunday, 12 January 2014

2014 curling one out

It's been a year since our last post due to work commitments.... Fake sore ankles, pointless word record attempts and countless more poor excuses.  Curloneout out returned to the ice yesterday sporting a patch work line up, returning to skip, is the rotund shot maker extraordinaire Gracie, 2014 forced a change up as the only decent player tommy Sloan is injured so Scott Rob has been pumped down to a more manageable and realistic level of 2nd with the baby faced assassin Rory white climbing to third.  Making up the Four should of been team coach and all-round bawsack Kenny Edwards however due to the team refusing to pay appearance money this move was soon kyboshed. Davie Mcmikan was called in from the milking parlour to handle lead stones and made a great start to the campaigne with a top 4 draw that took the hack out and a strike that didn't even scare the object stone. 

The Scottish began with a game against top seed Warwick smith. Much to everyone's amazement the curl one out boys were handed a cheap 3 and never really looked back. Gracie doing his best to throw it away down 4 but managed to play the get out of jail free card and finish half time 4-2 up. Lighting indeed does strike twice and Curloneout papped a second three to win 9-4 after 8.  Game 2 was against team one direction. The game was going well untill Harry styles played the shot of life down five to take a big 3 where curloneout out were lying for a nice steal.   Harry's shot gave a 4 shot swing and effectively won the game, with the young boys seeing the game out nicely for a good win. 

1-1 after day one.